The story of Venchi began in the 1800s in Piedmont, Italy with Silviano Venchi and his passion for chocolate. At the age of only 16, Silviano started to make chocolates in his shop in Cuneo. Soon, the shop became one of the best known in the whole town, appreciated for the exceptional quality of the ingredients used and for Silviano's incomparable ability to present his creations as though they were jewels. It was a veritable “chocolate boutique”. The Venchi company was officially founded in 1878. That year also saw the launch of the iconic Giandujotto 1878, with a minimum of 32% Piedmont Hazelnuts.  With its 140 year heritage, Venchi has now gained a global reputation in more than 70 countries, with its own network of single brand shops in major cities such as London, Hong Kong, Dubai and New York with a total of more than 100 shops worldwide!




GIANDUJOTTO: An intense encounter between hazelnut and chocolate.
The Venchi Giandujotto 1878 is the epitome of Piedmontese tradition, owing its extraordinary taste to 32% Piedmont Hazelnuts.

CREMINO: A burst of flavour in every layer!
A perfectly square shape, with three layers. The Venchi Cremino expresses its heritage in full, together with creative innovation in perfect Italian style.

NOUGATINE: Nougatine and the dream of new worlds.
With a recipe that has not changed since 1905, chopped and caramelised Piedmont Hazelnuts are wrapped in a layer of pure dark chocolate.

CHOCAVIAR: Delicious little granules of cocoa with a powerful and sophisticated taste.
A crisp Cuor di Cacao shell coated with Chocaviar 75% granules encases the softness of the cocoa centre.



The Venchi Cioccogelateria shops are veritable chocolate boutiques – magical places where Italian tradition meets innovation and creativity. In more than 100 single-brand shops in over 70 countries, the deliciousness of chocolate is celebrated in all its forms: as pralines, chocolates, chocolate spread, hot chocolate and last but certainly not least gelato. To celebrate its 140th anniversary, Venchi is opening its first flagship shop in Manhattan! It's a paradise for chocolate lovers, with the biggest waterfall of chocolate ever! Our sweet journey is not over yet, as new store openings are scheduled for China and Japan... We are waiting for you, just as Venchi moments of pleasure await all around the world!


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