Assorted Chocolates in a Red Christmas Box, Medium 400 g Hatbox

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Assorted milk, dark and hazelnut filled chocolates in a red and gold 400g Christmas box:
- Gianduiotto Vintage Recipe: still made according to the historic Venchi recipe, which makes the hazelnut paste the undisputed star of this recipe. The minimum content of hazelnuts used in the milk gianduja base is 32%. A chocolate to be tasted on its own, with all its creaminess and intensity. Perfect also in combination with a dry wine, which balances the buttery notes.
- Chocaviar 75%: a chocolate filled with Cuor di Cacao cream, covered with a double layer of chocolate (dark 75% topped with a layer of dark 56%) over which the famous Chocaviar 75% granules are added. A delicious snack that celebrates all the aromatic intensity of Venchi Cuor di Cacao, in an interesting mixture of textures.
- Prendivoglia Dark Hazelnut: a classic of the Venchi tradition, still produced according to the original 1962 recipe: three whole hazelnuts set in a dark shell in the shape of a tank. A taste experience that celebrates the combination of chocolate and hazelnut, and plays on the pleasant contrast of textures resulting from the use of crisp whole hazelnuts.
- Nougatine: a classic of the Venchi tradition, in this recipe dating back to 1878. We make our Nougatine from an historic recipe: we caramelise the sugar in copper kettles using an artisan process and then pour in the ground hazelnuts, strictly Piedmont PGI. Venchi Nougatine, like all the chocolates produced by Venchi, is naturally gluten-free. The ideal crisp and tasty chocolate for your tea-break, for those who want a snack with the texture of a sweet but with a chocolate flavour.
- Cremino Venchi 1878: a layer of white chocolate with almond paste between two milk gianduja and hazelnut layers. The excellence of this timeless Cremino from the Piedmontese tradition, in its original recipe dating from 1878. A soft texture, a sweet and reassuring taste.
- Chocaviar Crème Pistachio: 56% dark-shell chocolate covered with salted caramel toffee, containing a soft white chocolate filling with pistachio paste and Piedmont Hazelnuts, whole lightly salted almonds and pistachios. Extremely moreish, given its sweet/salty nature and alternating textures, this product is suitable to have as a snack at any time of day.
- Granblend Montezuma Nibs 75%: fine blends of extra-dark 75% chocolate with toasted cocoa beans.
- Extra-Dark Cremino: a layer of Gianduja with almond paste between two layers of Gianduja and hazelnut. A version of the classic recipe, which plays on the alternation of two different cocoa content levels: 56% & 75%. A soft texture and a balanced final after-taste where the intense flavour of dark chocolate and the sweetness of Gianduja combine to complement each other.
- Gianduiotto Dark Filled: delicious Piedmont Hazelnut gianduja filled with 60% dark chocolate. An amazing combination of textures.
- Chocomousse Fior di Latte: chocolate with a milk chocolate shell and filled with Fior di Latte and cocoa. All the creaminess of Venchi milk chocolate in a delicate chocomousse.
- Chocomousse Cuor di Cacao: Chocolate shell filled with 75% dark chocolate. All the intensity of Venchi's fine cocoa blends in a creamy chocomousse.
- Cremino Pistachio: three layers of chocolate cream with pistachio paste - one layer of white chocolate between two layers of milk chocolate. An alternative to the classic Cremino 1878 recipe. A soft consistency. A taste as delicate and sweet as it is lasting.
- Gianduiotto Extra Cocoa: Extra-dark Gianduiotto with 75% cocoa and Piedmont Hazelnut paste. Exclusive recipe without milk.
- Prendivoglia Hazelnut Milk: with milk chocolate and whole hazelnuts. A classic of the Venchi tradition, still produced according to the original 1962 recipe: three whole hazelnuts, set in a milk shell in the shape of a tank. A taste experience that celebrates the combination of chocolate and hazelnut, and plays on the pleasant contrast of textures resulting from the use of crisp whole hazelnuts.
- Blend 75%: fine blends of Criollo and Forastero Cocoa with delicate and penetrating aromas. Flowery and toasty at the same time, with a slight hint of vanilla. The persistent flavour increases during tasting, bringing out a slightly bitter note which comes with such a high cocoa content.
- Blend 60%: fine Forastero Superior cocoa blends with delicate and enveloping aromas. Sweet and intoxicating at the same time, thanks to the particular cultivar fermentation process and careful roasting. It melts quickly, releasing hints of cocoa and molasses which prepare the palate for subsequent tasting in combination with a vanilla rum.
- Blend 85%: fine blends of Criollo and Forastero Cocoa with the intense and penetrating aroma typical of the dominant Central American variety, with a peaty nuance. It melts very slowly, progressively bringing out all the intensity of the cocoa mass and the slightly smoky note of the special process but without releasing any acidity.
- Blend 100% Venezuela: 100% selected Venezuela cocoa.

INGREDIENTS: Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Cocoa butter, Piedmont HAZELNUT, Cocoa powder, Whole MILK powder, Cocoa Mass from Venezuela, PISTACHIO, Ecuador Cocoa Mass, Concentrated MILK butter, ALMOND, Caramel (sugar, glucose syrup, CREAM (from MILK), BUTTER (from MILK)), Emulsifier: SOY lecithin, Olive oil, Toasted cocoa nibs, WHEY powder (from MILK), Anhydrous MILK fat, Natural vanilla flavor, Coating agent: gum arabic, salt. CONTAINS / MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF: NUTS, MILK AND SOY.

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PER 100G

Energy (Kcal)

2482 Kj


44,4 gr
saturated fat
22 gr
35,2 gr
30,3 gr
9,2 gr
0,16 gr
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