Assorted Cremini Chocolates in a Christmas Box, 124 g Gift Box

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An assortment of different types of Cremino, an excellent chocolate from the Piedmontese tradition, in a Christmas gift box featuring some iconic Venchi characters. You can try four different types of Cremini, each of which differs from the other either for the type of chocolate used or for the choice of dried fruit that makes them even more delicious:
- Cremino 1878: a layer of white chocolate with almond paste between two milk Gianduja with hazelnut layers. The excellence of this timeless Cremino from the Piedmontese tradition, in its original recipe dating from 1878. A soft texture, a sweet and reassuring taste.
- Extra Dark Cremino: a layer of Gianduja with almond paste between two Gianduja and hazelnut layers. A version of the classic recipe, which plays on the alternation of two different cocoa content levels: 56% & 75%. A soft texture and a balanced final after-taste where the intense flavour of dark chocolate and the sweetness of Gianduja combine to complement each other.
- Pistachio cream: three layers of chocolate with pistachio paste - one layer of white chocolate between two layers of milk chocolate. An alternative to the classic Cremino 1878 recipe. A soft consistency. A taste as delicate and sweet as it is lasting.
- Cremino Gold Venezuela: alternate layers with different cocoa intensities will delight you with their elegant creaminess.


INGREDIENTS: Sugar, Cocoa butter, Piedmont HAZELNUT, Whole MILK powder, Cocoa Mass, PISTACHIO, ALMOND, Cocoa Mass from Venezuela, Cocoa powder, WHEY powder (from MILK), Emulsifier: SOY lecithin, Anhydrous MILK fat, Natural vanilla flavor. CONTAINS / MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF: NUTS, MILK AND SOY.

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PER 100G

Energy (Kcal)

2519 Kj


44,1 gr
saturated fat
18,4 gr
38,7 gr
34,4 gr
9,8 gr
0,16 gr
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