Our Philosophy


We make our products in Piedmont, home of the chocolate confectionary since 1878.

We’ve been masters of the art of chocolate for 140 years: thanks to over 100 years of experience, the recipes we create are unique, combining respect for our heritage with constant innovation.

Our primary focus on quality originates from our bond with the region and its wonderful products, such as the Piedmont Hazelnut. We only ever use the most prized raw materials; authentic ingredients to achieve the best recipes.

Il Gianduiotto Venchi
Cubotti Venchi


Venchi chocolate, in all its many forms, embodies the perfection of Italian lifestyle.

Originality, passion and a spirit of innovation:  these are the key ingredients for the “magic” behind Venchi’s chocolate creations.  Our little works of art in chocolate and gelato have always inspired artists, illustrators and photographers alike, who over time have helped establish a distinctive link between Venchi and the world of art and design.

We love being creative:  from the search for new recipes and flavour combinations; to the artistic exploration of form, colour and material to make our packaging unique. The originality of Venchi products satisfies each and every one of the senses.

We want to live intensely and savour every single moment of our lives: we provide small daily indulgences and simple moments of shared pleasure so that whoever you love can have…LA VITA DOLCE!


A daily indulgence of Venchi chocolate is the mood booster you needn’t feel guilty about.

Why? Because each recipe for our creations follows the “magic” Buono Buonissimo formula:  + 100% natural ingredients, - sugars, 0 artificial ingredients.

We like the good stuff that makes you feel good.

We only use authentic ingredients, constantly reduce sugar levels, and - as ever - produce all our chocolate without gluten or palm oil.

Creme spalmabili Venchi
Suprema Gianduja 50% 300gr
Suprema Gianduja 50% 300gr
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